Monday, January 2, 2012

A Disturbing View into A Desk Clerk's Head

Dear Hotel Guests,

Two frequently asked questions and the manner in which they are asked:

What you say: “Hi, do you happen to know at what time we are required to check out?”
What I say: “Of course, check out is at noon. How’s your stay?”
What I’d like to say: “No. I have no idea when guests are required to leave the hotel. Such a strange and new question, this will require research outside the realm of mere desk clerk.”
What you could say instead: “What time is check out?”

What you say: “Would you by any chance know if there is a public restroom on this level?”
What I say: “Just straight down the hall, you won’t miss it! How’s your stay?”
What I’d like to say: “No, why would I know that? I guess if your room is on this level you could go there, but otherwise, I’d have zero reason to know if there is one here.
What you could say instead: “Could you direct me to the restroom on this level?”

Long story short, if it’s a question that is answered in the welcome guide or on the directional signs throughout the building, I will, without halter, know the answer, and gladly tell you, without even a sarcastic thought in mind. It’s elementary, part of the job.

However, when you are certain I will know the answer, and you still say “Do you know?” the tides turn a little.

Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

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