Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hot, Chlorinated Water Not Suitable for Eye Contact

It is inadvisable to open your eyes underwater while in the hot tub. This is fairly normal, seeing as most people would not want to expose their eyes to 104 degree water, regardless of chlorine content.

If you do decide to open your eyes in a highly chlorinated, public hot tub, then expect your eyes to sting. They may even sting if you do this in the pool. This is not due to elevated chlorine levels. There is a rich tapestry of contributors causing this “strange” stinging you are experiencing.

The levels may be slightly higher than your pool at home, but well within standards. Take this into consideration, in addition to the reason the levels are elevated. Think of all the people swimming in there, tiny children urinating, sweaty people relaxing after a work out. Now aren’t you glad you exposed your eyeballs to this?

Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

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