Friday, February 24, 2012

Pop Quiz on Common Courtesy

Dear Hotel Guests,

After borrowing a friend’s truck, do you:
a)      Return the vehicle to its owner ,
b)      Leave it in your driveway and wait for friend to pick it up.

When borrowing a library book, do you:
a)      Return it to the library once completed,
b)      Put it on your shelf and wait for library to retrieve it.

When borrowing a luggage cart at a hotel, do you:
a)      Return it to where you found it once through with it,
b)      Stick it in hall next to your room and wait for fellow guest or employee to return it to where it belongs.

If you answered “b” to any of these questions you should:
a)      Try to be slightly more considerate of others,
b)      Perhaps stay at a full service hotel, or not here.

That concludes our lesson for today. Any questions, we’ll be glad to help you.

Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

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