Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have a drink on me!

Dear Hotel Guests,

Although I usually only address rogue visitors, I must point out that some of you are most spectacular. It’s just not as entertaining to read about people functioning as normal human beings. Anomalies are more interesting. Do you go to the online doctor to read about average toenail growth speeds? No. You go to read about the bulbous wart growing off your nose and to find out if whatever is oozing from it is normal.

                However, it must be noted that anomalies are not always bad. In fact, some are most excellent. And to this I would like to write about an encounter with a guest who visits multiple times during the month. Upon finding out about my upcoming vacation, the man disappeared to his room. Shortly returning, he offered me a gift, saying to have a drink on him whilst on vacation. I was surprised, and thanked him profusely. When I unfolded bill, I thought for sure it was a blunder. Afraid that perhaps his eyesight was failing.

                “I appreciate your generosity,” I said, “but I’m afraid you may have made a mistake.” He looked at me grinning, and I continued, “You said you wanted to buy me a drink, but that will buy me a few more than one!” Grabbing a cookie he answered me, still smiling, “Well you can’t have just one! You have to order a round!”

                He started to walk away, and before wishing me well on vacation said “I’m just glad I was able to do that for you.” People aren’t always so bad. And while I’m enjoying my holiday, I will know what it’s like to be on the other side. A simple gesture, to show someone you appreciate what they have done for you, makes a difference.

                And that, folks, is where I will be next week. Once I return, I’m sure I’ll be back to my usual snarky adventures, as I won’t have a weeklong getaway hovering on the horizon to get me through the days.

Bon voyage,

Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk


  1. Wait you are buying a round of drinks while we are gone?? :-)

  2. Why can't people like that--who respect and appreciate those in the service industry--make up a greater percentage of customers/visitors/patrons?

  3. I would say because the people who have worked in it are most likely to understand what it is like because they've been there... and they're the ones who never have the chance to get away because we don't make the big bucks. :) But agreed, it would be nice.