Thursday, July 5, 2012

If your toilet's running, you'd better catch it!

Dear Hotel Guests,

I understand that it is most unfortunate that your toilet ran all night. I would be displeased also, especially paying good money for said toilet, or at least the room in which it resides. However, how, pray tell, do you expect us to fix it if you do not tell us until you check out in the morning?

It kept you up all night? I really am sorry to hear that, but had you been at home, what would you have done? Do you really want to let some crappy (heh heh) inanimate object disturb your sleep?

If you didn’t want to hear it, and didn’t want to tell anyone else so they could fix it, why not shut it off? It works just the same as your home toilet, and I guarantee had you been sleeping in your own bed you would have turned if off, and dealt with it in the morning. Depending on your desperation, you may have even called a plumber to pay exorbitant night hour fees.

It is not your fault the toilet was running. I do not blame you at all. Had we known of the problem prior to your arrival, we would have fixed it in advance. We can’t fix something we don’t know is broken. The only thing I blame you for is your poor sleep. That was preventable. Better luck next time and happy flushings to all!

Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

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