Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Splish splash, I was taking my time!

Dear Hotel Guests,

The pool closes at a specific time. This time is communicated when you check in, in all of our collateral, and in the pool room itself. The clock is even set five minutes fast in there to ensure the pool is vacant at closing time.

If you choose to repeatedly disregard all of these notices, and inform me that you planned on using said pool until I came in to lock it up whilst a giggle, even though you knew it closed ten minutes prior, then please, for the love of sanity, pick up the pace in exiting the pool.

This isn’t the time for changing outfits, doing manicures, soaking for just a couple extra minutes. It is time to leave. You have a hotel room in which you can do all those things, and more! I don’t really like standing around in a 90 degree, humid room, while in full front desk uniform, waiting ten minutes for your toesies to dry so I can shut off the lights.

Thanks for your consideration, and upon exit, be extra careful, as the floor is in fact slippery. You just splash on out of here, mmkay?


Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

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