Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Checked out of sanity!

Dear Hotel Guests,

Please don’t be alarmed if you check out of your room, come back hours later, and find your room has already been cleaned and prepared for the next guest. This is normal, it means the housekeepers are doing a stellar job.

Don’t be appalled that housekeeping “took the tip and everything”. Tip-ically, once the room is empty and you have left the hotel, the unfortunate soul who has to clean up after your sorry self takes your offering as a consolation prize for a job well done.

Once you “check out” your reservation has ended, and any ownership you may have felt towards the room is forfeited. Just because we have an official designated time of departure, doesn’t mean you can come and go as you please after checking out at front desk. If this is your desire, wait until you are done to check out.

We appreciate your understanding.


Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

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