Monday, June 10, 2013

That's quite a set of meatballs you have there

Dear Non-Hotel Guests,

Speaking of important happenings in hotel public spaces, the lobby and breakfast area are in fact public. To registered guests and their guests. Not to you, local Mr. Lawyer conducting a meeting with client, or random hiring manager interviewing potential employees.

The wireless internet is free too! Yeah, it’s really beautifully appointed in here, and the temperature is perfect and it’s all free! Even coffee all day! Restrooms that you don’t have to clean. Ideal, isn’t it? No. Go back to your home or job. We are not hosting your personal call center or travelling office in our lobby.

We understand every now and then loyal guests need to stop by to borrow our amenities. That’s fine. But when you come in each and everyday I think it’s really time to pay the bill for the broadband in your own home or business…

Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

P.S. If you happen to see what is obviously a staff luncheon happening in the public lobby area, no you can’t help yourself to “just a meatball or two.”  It doesn’t matter how loyal you are (to our lobby, even though you’ve never stayed here), the luncheon is for the mere peons who have to deal with people with their false sense of entitlement, like you, all day.

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