Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Days Before Christmas

Dear Hotel Guests,

In light of the Christmas season, and the fact that in the past four days it's been so deserted around the hotel that I've probably seen six of you total, I will share with you some holiday magic. It’s a little thank you for the fact you've all been behaving.

Here it is:
'Twas just days before Christmas, when all through the mall
Not a store clerk was resting and shoppers had not a moment to stall.

The children were screeching and running amiss,
While vodka and gin was their parents only wish.

The hookers in mini shorts clacked through the hall,
While their heels made them all six inches too tall.

When up at the Hollister there arose such a sight-
A man with no shirt and abs quite tight.

His skin how it glistened, his tan so fake,
I looked to make sure what I saw was no mistake.

I ran from the building, for something was the matter,
The mall made me feel like the crazy Mad Hatter!

The crowds and the noise let me reiterate my plan:
Shopping online is something of which I’m a huge fan!

That's my story folks. I went to the mall once this season, and that was one too many times. It drove me to poetry... that's saying something.

Friendly Neighborhood Desk Clerk

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